Eating Right During Long Poker Sessions

It may seem somewhat absurd, but there is a major mistake being made by the huge majority of poker players from beginners to the most experienced players in the world. That mistake has nothing to do with how they play the cards, but something else entirely - it is what they choose to eat while playing. Poker players are well known for marathon sessions that last long hours into the night or early morning. During these games, most players reach for the food that is closest to them rather than thinking about how certain foods may have a direct impact on how they play. It is a documented fact that different foods affect the body in different ways, with many types of food weighing the body and mind down and making it harder to concentrate on a mentally draining task like playing poker. For players that regularly engage in long playing sessions, learning which foods are right to eat may have an effect on their overall bottom line profits.

Many of the healthy eating ideas for a long poker session are common sense, but this does not mean that they are employed on a regular basis. Many players drink alcohol at the table, thinking that it opens up their style and makes them play better. Actually, most players experience the exact opposite, with alcohol making them easier to read and less capable of playing a thinking game. Heavy foods, like french fries and pizza have the same effect, creating a sedate feeling and lowering the concentration of the player. A better option is foods that are high in protein or fresh fruits. With the former, the low glycemic index will be processed more slowly, meaning that the player will not see a blood sugar spike and subsequent crash. With the fresh fruits, the energy gained will help them push through the long hours to a strong finish. Caffeine can also be a player's friend, but only in moderate amounts. In excess, caffeine causes a difficulty in focusing on a specific task, not a good combination with the game of poker. When playing in big online poker rooms such as PokerStars, it is crucial to stay on top of your game as it can get extremely competitive playing against some of the poker's top pros.

In addition to choosing the right foods, the quantity being eaten is also important. Eating too much at a single sitting certainly has affects on a player's mental acuity, with the result often being that they are unable to focus on important decisions with as much concentration. In addition, the heavy feeling and tiredness that result from eating a large meal can cause their attention to wander. Instead of studying hands where they are not involved, they choose to participate in idle table chat or think about other things. Keeping a balance between proper food intake, both in quality and quantity, is not easy and it takes practice to get right. However, the potential rewards of eating and drinking smartly can be immense, especially at the end of a long session when all of the other players are deteriorating and a healthy player can take advantage of their stamina and mental acuity by taking all the chips on the table.

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