How to Survive a Short Stack

There are times when even the best players find themselves playing with 4 cards and a short stack against others who still boast numerous chips. It is at these times when the most skilled players use their otherwise destitute position to their advantage and are able to turn their short stack into a tall one.

Play Offense

When all others are counting you out, it is up to you to view the game from a winner's perspective to turn things around. Winners are typically the players raising rather than calling. If you find yourself with a short stack, do your best to be the one raising. By raising, your chances of winning are doubled as you can either show your winning hand or you can force all others to fold.

Jump In

Having the fewest chips should not be a prompt to sit idle. Nearly any hand can win, as long as a move is made when the time is right. Jumping all in early in the game may prompt others to fold out of worry. This will allow you to pick up more chips even when your cards are less than stellar.

Don't Give Up

If the time is not right to go all in, then consider sitting tight for a few rounds. If you can wait until the big blind, you will have a much better chance of turning your luck around. Let the others eliminate each other while you wait for your chance to win big.

It is important to stay focused on winning even when your stack is short. Remember to be the player raising when possible, jump all in when the time is right, and to remain focused on winning even when it looks like you have the shortest stack.