Make the Most of a Big Stack

Any player who finds themselves in possession of a big stack will have the opportunity to breathe easy at the table. Not only are they out of danger of losing with just one bad move, they are also in the position to easily maintain their big stack throughout the next few rounds.

Turn off Cruise Control

A big stack can prompt feelings of comfort and confidence, but don't let it lull you into a motionless state. Stay vigilant and continue to raise often. Other players who see a big stack holder raising vehemently will fold prematurely out of fear even when their hand is decent.

Take Chances

When holding a big stack, winning is the priority. Therefore, it makes sense to take risks in an effort to make other players go broke. Focus on picking up a few blinds and taking opponents chips, so that your lead becomes larger and their stacks become shorter.

Attack Wisely

It is best to leave opponents alone that have close to the same number of chips as you, and to also forego attacking those who have very short stacks. Set your sights on the players that have fewer chips than you, but are still in a good rallying position. Those are the players that carry the least threat and can offer decent rewards.

Wise players will use their big stack to their advantage and continue to build their lead. They play aggressively, take wise risks, and know which players to attack and which ones to let slide.