Microgaming Gambling Software

One of the most exciting features of Microgaming online slot and video poker games is gamble option that appears when player has won an online casino game and is given his payout. In this option, gamer is supposed to put his payout amount at stake in Microgaming Gambling Software game. If the player wins this gambling game then the staked money will be multiplied many times as per the rules otherwise he lose all his money that he has won in the main online slot or video poker game.

Microgaming has introduced wide variety of Microgaming Gambling Software games in its online slot and video poker games. When a player has received his payout in a video poker game then two button starts flashing on the monitor screen, one button is 'Collect' and other is 'Double'. If a player does not want to put his payout in any type of risk then he can straightaway go for Collect option and can continue the current session of the game. But if player is ready to take risk then he can opt for Double option and play Microgaming Gambling Software game. In Microgaming Gambling Software game, the player will be allotted five cards in which one of them is faced up and rest are faced down. Then player has to take a crucial decision to choose one card among four faced down cards. If he turns out higher ranked card than the one which was already faced up then he wins the Microgaming Gambling Software game and his staked amount doubles immediately. However, if he ends up with a selection of lower rank card than the already faced up card then he loses the game and all his staked money forfeits. The third possibility is tie situation in which player will get one more chance to try his luck in this Microgaming Gambling Software game.

All the game statistics are clearly displayed on statistics screen that includes staked amount and the amount he will get if in case he wins the gambling game. If in case wager wins the first set of Microgaming Gambling Software game then he can again wager the amount until he loses the game or reached to the casino's gamble game limit.