Sit N Go Strategy

Sit N Go, or SNG, works differently than cash games in several ways. The chip value is not static, and the approach to winning is based on equity in a game rather than the number of chips collected. Further, ROI is taken into account when players are hedged against each other at tournaments. These differences make the strategy to winning at SNG unique.

Eliminate Others

Due to the fact that merely gaining chips does not equal success, players of SNG must eliminate opponents to boost their position. As other players increase their equity, a portion is also distributed among the other players. As more players fall to the wayside, your share of the equity increases exponentially as does your proximity to the winners circle.

Increase ROI

SNG tournaments feature players with an expected ROI. This is similar to an hourly rate and is based on each individual's skill level. There are many ways to increase your ROI and boost your position in SNG tournaments. Playing against lesser players for practice, studying poker strategy online and in books, and attending training are all ways to increase your poker playing ability. Playing high stakes games will also heighten your ROI.

Sit N Go tournaments have their own sets of challenges. Players who wish to come out ahead realize that acquiring equity through the elimination of other players is a major factor to winning. Increasing ROI ranking is also pertinent, and can be accomplished through practice, studying, and playing high stakes.